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Veel leesplezier toegewenst met vooral veel lachwekkende, vrolijke momenten !

Namens Poezenvrouwtje.
Lees hier alles over de Litter-Robot elektrische kattenbak.
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Trouble shoots overzicht 11 okt 2021 12:39 #27141

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Zie trouble shoot wat niet in de 
inclusief rood/geel/blauw

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF


This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF


Thank you for contacting us!

If the Litter-Robot 3 cannot find Dump and/or Home position, the control panel will display 3 lights blinking either left to right, right to left or all three simultaneously. 

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have recently disassembled your globe (split it at the vertical axis), please advise.

If you have not disassembled the globe, there are a few electrical reasons you could be getting this error message. We will touch on each component.

*PLEASE NOTE: If your unit was purchased on or after February 21, 2018 (Serial Number 078843 and above), your unit will not have an internal shield. It will, however, still have the black key on the back of the globe. If you do not have an internal shield, your unit will not have a spring in the key.

1. Excess Weight (Slow Flash - 1x/sec)
If there is excess weight inside the unit, this will cause the motor to slow down/seize and the unit will not complete a cycle in the allotted time frame (~2 minutes, 30 seconds). Please check your litter level to ensure that you are at or below the fill line. Can we ask what brand of cat litter you are using? We have found a few brands of cat litter run much heavier than others. If you are using Arm&Hammer, Scoop Away, Ever Clean, Boxie Cat or Dr. Elsey's, we recommend keeping the litter at least a half inch below the fill-line to avoid weight related errors. Please note the unit accounts for all of the weight within the globe as well as the waste drawer. It's best to empty the waste drawer as well if it's getting close to full; this will eliminate that excess weight also. Always remember to tap the Reset button after making changes to the unit. This will recalibrate the weight sensor and circuit board to reflect the changed weight.

Have you performed a deep clean of the globe within the past 3-6 months? Over time, small clumps can accumulate within the internal pocket (where clean litter is stored during a cycle) and cause excess weight we cannot quite see. Soaking the globe every 3-6 months will help prevent any excess weight from accumulating within the globe. Customers with more than one kitty may want to perform globe cleanings more frequently.


2. Power Supply
Please check that the adapter you are using meets the specifications required: 15VDC regulated adapter 400mA to 1000mA.
Please make sure there is no damage to the power cord.

Try a different outlet. 

There is also a pin inside the jack on the base. It should have a split in it. If there is no split, I recommend splitting it open with something small.

3. Internal Shield/Key Customer Service Code: 3032
If the internal shield or black key isn't set properly, this will cause cycling issues. When your unit is in the home position, the shield should be in the top left corner and the key should be straight up and down sitting in the groove of the base.

We do highly recommend removing the internal shield.

The internal shield is not necessary for the unit to function. It was added to prevent litter dust from getting on your cat's fur. We removed it from our design in March 2018 because it serves no mechanical purpose. To remove the shield, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the screw from the center of the black key on the back of the globe. Once the key is removed, you can easily pull the shield out from the entrance of the globe. The shield and key can be disposed of.

You can see the video on how to remove it here: 

Below are two videos that show you how to reset the shield and key if you want to keep the shield:


4. Bonnet 
If the bonnet is not seated properly, this will cause the unit to start and stop during a cycle. To make sure your bonnet is seated properly, please follow these instructions:
  • Disconnect the bonnet
  • Gently flex the two front bonnet tabs outward as close to a 90-degree angle as you can and hold for 20-30 seconds. This will remold the tabs to have a more secure connection.
  • Reattach the bonnet. There are four tabs total: two curved tabs in the back, two on the sides. The two curved tabs in back tuck into slots in the base. If they are sticking out, the unit will not cycle properly.
  • You should feel a secure snap and hear a solid “click” when placed back into the slot and the bonnet should sit closer to the base.

Assembly Instructions:  support-litter-robot.force.com/s/article...g-the-Litter-Robot-3
Video of removing/replacing bonnet: 

5. Globe Lift
If the globe is encountering resistance that is lifting it out of position as it cycles, friction will occur between the plastic of the globe and base, causing the magnets in the globe to skip the position sensor which will cause the 3 blinking lights.

Out of the box, the Litter-Robot has a silicone lubricant layer that can wear off over time. An easy solution to this is Pledge Furniture Polish (if you have a different brand of furniture polish, it will work as well). We would ask you to please simply spray the polish on a paper towel and wipe the track of the base where the globe sits. Please avoid getting it on the black gear. I have attached a picture of the track of the base for your reference.

Always remember to press reset after making changes to the unit. Run a few test cycles by pressing the cycle button.

If you've completed these troubleshooting steps and your unit is still having trouble, please advise.

-- Amanda N.Product Specialist 
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